Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm Still Here!

I've even been knitting. Finished these red socks for Eli, made progress on my Bridget cardigan and started these socks for Will:

I'm using Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Sport, which is such a pleasure.  Very squooshy and *so* quick to knit.   I'm in love with the colorway (Java).    I broke my no-yarn-buying resolve and ordered it from A Sheep's Tale, which was having a fantastic sale on CTH.  (They still are, but I don't know how many colors are left.)    I really love it, especially after my traumatic experience making the red socks.  The yarn itself -- Lang Jawoll -- was fine, though I think it may be thinner than your average sock yarn -- but my attempts to use the spool of matching reinforcing thread that came with it was a comedy of errors.  I can't bear to recount them all here, but suffice it to say that reinforcing thread, or at least this reinforcing thread, is a TERRIBLE thing to rip out.  Up there with mohair.  I ended up with an enormous snarled mess and having to cut the thread several times.  I also didn't enjoy knitting with the thread and I didn't like how dense it made the fabric.  So I won't do that again!  The socks are nice and cheery, though, and Eli seems to like them.

I finished one front of the Bridget cardigan and have  moved onto the second -- so far so good.  I am such a nimrod, though, that after berating myself for forgetting to write down what needles I used for the ribbing of the first front, I then forgot to write down which needles I used for the ribbing of the second one.   'Cause I wouldn't want the back to match, either, would I.   *sigh*  I think it was 6s, though.  

I apologize for my long absence.  I have been busy, but also thinking a lot about this blog and what/who it's for.  I imagine many people are having the same thoughts since Ravelry came along.  Anyway, I won't bore you with that now.  Plus, my children are demanding a game of LIFE, so I  have to go.

Until next time!  Happy Spring, everyone.  It's coming, I'm sure of  it!


kathy in juneau said...

Great sock photos!! Great socks!! I must try knitting socks out of a heavier weight yarn.

Bridget is going to be gorgeous!! You've done so much!

Don't stop blogging .. I would miss it so!

Teal said...

Good looking socks and your sweater looks marvelous. I enjoy reading your blog as well but I understand your dilemma as I'm also having difficulty keeping up with Ravelry, knitting, work, and blogging.

tiennie said...

Great projects! I hope you don't give up blogging. I love Ravelry but I think that blogging is a more complete picture, ya know?

Stell said...

I love the cables on bridget, she is going to look so nice finished, I do hear your quiet question about the role of bloggs and the role of ravelry, I hope you keep the blog - because while ravelry is a show space, and a project tracker, is has not the intimacy nor the explaination of progress and process that blogs like yours has, thats the aspect of blogging I like.

Max Lyons said...

That sock for will is fascinating.
It seems like a no-yarn-buying resolve might at some point make knitting a bit difficult, no?

and rest assured, there is nothing witty to be said about hockey. its just not that kind of sport :)

zippiknits said...

There are lots of people who still love to read blogs. Ravelry is a nice source but seeing knitting on blogs is very exciting. Well, even seeing a farmer who blogs is exciting but he doesn't knit. My point.. er..

I'm happy that you put your knitting here. And your list of Useful Things is terribly handy, you know.

Anonymous said...

The socks are wonderful but Bridget is stunning!

I know how you feel about Ravelry making blogs almost obselete, but a blog is so much more human isn't it?

Glad to see you back!