Sunday, October 05, 2008


I finally finished Auden's cardigan – really it was quite a simple project that I managed to make way too complicated!  I'm happy with the result though.  Blocking made a big difference – especially pinning out the lace border.  There is something slightly funky/linebackerish about the shoulders, which is probably due to my lame job putting in the sleeves.  (And that is partly due to my knitting the body of the sweater in one piece, and then having to insert the sleeve tubes, which was not so much fun. I love the ruffle at the wrists, though, and didn't know how to reverse engineer it to knit the sleeves from the top down.)

I had a hard time finding a buttonhole that looked good in reverse stockinette – I ended up using Maggie Righetti's three-row buttonhole from Knitting in Plain English. I think it's basically a modified double yarnover. I had to reinforce them/tighten them up with thread to keep the buttons from popping out.

Pattern: Angel by Kim Hargreaves, from Pipsqueaks (still my favorite book of kids' patterns)
Yarn: KFI Cashmereno, about 900 yards?
Needles: US4s and 6s (and who knows what else ... there was definitely some needle confusion on this project!) I never could figure out my gauge in ribbing ... I made Size 8, and it is not big!
Modifications: Knit body in one piece, but not sure that was a good idea.  Changed buttonholes.  More details on Ravelry. 

Sorry for the headless pictures, but Auden was not particularly interested in posing for me. I had visions of her wearing this with some sweet English frock, a la the Rowan book, but my daughter has her own ideas about how to dress these days.  (Also, I don't think she owns a sweet English frock!) 

Next up: holiday knitting!  I have grand plans of fingerless gloves for Auden's teacher and Eli's cello teacher,  and a shrug and more fingerless gloves for my nieces.  And then there's my own cardigan to get back to ... 


kathy in juneau said...

Oh, Hilary, it's wonderful!! It's a great fit and the finishing looks perfect from here. I forgot about the sleeve ruffles .. I just love it!!!

tiennie said...

This is very cute!! Wonderful job!

Stell said...

nice, very nice, If i might be so bold as to suggest a fix for the lumberjackish shoulders? I suspect the ribbing across the shoulders has stretched so the top of the sleeve shoulder seam is sitting not at the tip of the shoulder arm join, but lower down on the arm. This happens all the time on knits, and the usual fix is to stabilise the shoulder seam with tape or clear elastic, or a little pretty woven non stretch lace. Cut it shorter than the existing shoulder seam - and sew it in such that the shoulder seam ends up a length more suitable for the body.