Friday, April 21, 2006

This is the Stash a Skein Built

My sock yarn stash. Entirely acquired in the past two weeks. The front row is the cotton blend yarn that came in the mail today from Little Knits. The rest is from my local yarn store, where it was on clearance ($3 a skein! How could I not?), except for the skein at the top right, which is from eBay, because I thought I needed it to finish the first pair of socks I started (see below). That's what started the whole sock yarn shopping spree in the first place ... only it turned out in the end that I already had the skein I needed. Oh well.

There will be many socks in my future. Someday I may even try another brand.


kathy in Juneau said...

I was just reading the Yarn Harlot's new book and she states (and rightly so, I believe) that sock yarn doesn't *really* count as stash.

What a wonderful husband you must have to photograph all that yarn and not make snide comments ...

Hilary said...

Really? It doesn't count? That's excellent.

I was thinking that myself about my husband! Only I was also thinking, I don't dare ask him to photograph the REST of my stash, because I think he might be seriously shocked. Although it is sort of on public display up in the attic.