Sunday, May 14, 2006

What I Got for My Birthday

It's very very beautiful. I love it! It's far more beautiful than anything I would have gotten for myself. It's a Vera Bradley "Miller" bag, from my loving husband. My only concern: is it too big? You can't really tell in this picture, but when I am holding it, it is really quite big. 24" across, to be specific.

I looked at some other Vera Bradley bags in the store today (my loving husband took the children to the circus! without me! Happy Mother's Day!!!) and there is a tote that I like a lot, but has a toggle instead of a zipper, and then the diaper bag (or Baby Bag) which has a zipper and is just about the right amount smaller.

Decisions, decisions.


kathy said...

I love this bag! It looks the perfect size hanging in the tree, but I'll go fish out a tape measure and try to give you more helpful feedback.

What a thoughtful husband you have! (He must come from good stock.)

Happy Birthday!
Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Obessive Knitter's Day!


Anonymous said...

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