Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Littlest Graduate

No knitting here at all, just shameless cute-kid promotion. That's Auden at her "Moving Up Ceremony" from pre-school today. Kindergarten, here we come.

The reason there's no knitting picture is I am making such a godawful mess of the ugly striped sweater. I believe have done everything possible wrong on the first sleeve I'm working on – increased in the wrong places, increased the wrong way, used random numbers of stitches etc. But I am so un-enthused about this sweater that I can't bear to rip it out, because I might never go back. (Plus, it's a ribbed sleeve, the mistakes aren't going to show, are they? That's my story ...)

I need to start something fun, and then use it to reward myself for progress on the ugly striped sweater. (Kathy's idea.) I am thinking Monkey socks in my new STR or Koigu (It was on sale! I couldn't help it!).

Back to real life ...


kathy in juneau said...

Aww, Hilary. Thank you!! It's a good thing we'll be seeing you soon or I don't think I could take all this long-distance cuteness.

OK. We need to start Monkey Socks soon. I'm sorry you're hating the striped sweater. If it weren't for Eli, I'd encourage you to let it go.

Teal said...

What adorable pictures.
Can't wait to see your Monkey socks.