Friday, November 02, 2007

Bad Parenting

We interrupt this knitting blog to bring you a cautionary announcement: It turns out that allowing one's children to have one night of "eat all the Halloween candy you want" may not be such a great idea. Apparently parents are supposed to be smarter than their 5-year-olds about how much is enough/too much, and not let them end up awake half the night with a tummy ache and then send them kindergarten only to throw up on the table. (I say apparently, because although both said 5-year-old and her mother have stomach aches from too much candy, one of them – and it's not the 5-year-old – is still eating leftover candy.)


I could swear I read this eat-all-you-want-once idea in the paper. (And of course I believe everything I read in the paper!) I think it was a dentist who suggested it. Well, her teeth are fine.

And now she's itching and blotchy all over and I have a call in to the doctor. I feel like such a bad mommy!

Postscript: Well, it is looking less like the candy is to blame and more like she is just plain sick. So I guess I can feel less guilty.

Here is one possibility of how she GOT sick ... the world's most unhygienic Halloween game, astonishingly instigated by the teacher. It involves serial licking of a laminated construction paper jack-o-lantern, with only a wipe of a wet rag between children, at least one of whom had had a fever as recently as that morning. I was so astounded that I could do nothing but sputter "I'm really grossed out" and watch as my daughter went ahead and played. (I should have jumped in like a proper Type A mom and screamed "Go first Auden, go first!")

Well, who knows if there's any relation. But it was seriously gross.

On a more positive note, here is Auden's class all suited up for Halloween. It sure doesn't look like any of my elementary school classes! It warms my heart. I just hope all that diversity is rubbing off on her somewhere.

Back to knitting content next time, I promise!


Windansea said...

Uh-oh....I'm bad too....If it's any consolation my 17yo doesn't really eat candy anymore, but the 15 & 9yo still do and they're pretty healthy!

kathy in juneau said...

Oh no! Maybe she has something not related to the candy? Or an allergy?

It can't just be too much candy because I'm not itchy or blotchy at all...

Teal said...

I can see the candy causing an upset tummy but not the other symptoms. Hope she feels better soon.
The costumes are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Why on earth would they be licking something in school?? That just doesn't make any sense to me. Yuck, way too many germs involved.

Hope she's better soon.

amy said...

thank goodness it was the kindergarten class and not the preschool class!

tiennie said...

Oh no! Hope all is well now!