Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby Things

The babies that are here now ...

See them in action -- with momma and poppa!

and for those still to come ...

Pattern: Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap (free pattern)
Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft 4-ply (blue) and Dale of Norway/Dalegarn Baby Ull
Needles: US 2½ / 3.0 mm and   US 1½ / 2.5 mm
Size: 1-year
Modifications: none

I love this pattern, but had the worst time getting it right at the beginning. I'm sure I ripped out more rows than I knit before I remembered all the M1s.  Maybe knitting in the car had something to do with it.

It used hardly any yarn, and I think it's adorable.  Will be even cuter when I take the stitch marker out of the end. :)  I'm going to make another one for a different neighbor; first I should wash this one and figure out what size it really is.

The robin pictures are from a few days ago and they already have many more feathers.  Mama and Papa have been very attentive.  There are four of them!  The mother doesn't look all that happy about having to sit on them to keep them warm; maybe they're not happy about it either.

Sometimes when the parents aren't around and we open the door to the porch, the babies hear the sound and shoot up out of the nest, mouths wide open, waiting for someone (anyone!) to drop something in.  They're just so stinkin' cute!


ruthee... said...

The top photo of the babies is just breath-taking. Thank you for sharing!

Hilary said...

Thank you! I should, of course, have credited my photographer husband for the fabulous pictures.

I hope we'll get more pictures up soon ... they are growing amazingly fast. Yesterday was very exciting, one fell out of the nest ... twice! We saved him with potholders and a spatula. :)