Thursday, September 21, 2006

What You Can Make With One Ball of Cascade Fixation (not)

A pair of child's socks ... almost. I am still not entirely believing of this, despite the hard evidence in the form of an unfinished sock and no more yarn. People make adult pairs of Peds with one ball! How could I not get a pair of child's socks? Clearly my knitting must be at fault.

But whatever, another trip to the yarn store was required, and since I will now have an almost entire ball of Fixation left over, I needed something to do with it ...

I think this zebra yarn is kind of funky and will work with red toes. Don't you? Perhaps red cuffs too. Red heels would be especially nice, but wouldn't that require me learning how to do a new kind of heel?

Anyway. I should make my Dad's socks first. This, of course, requires learning my gauge in a whole new kind of sock yarn, which is not QUITE the kind of knitting that lends itself to the tv-watching I must also do. I'm exhausted already.

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kathy in juneau said...

Well that's a win-win. You're nearly done and you had to make a trip to the yarn store.

The socks look wonderfully soft and comfy. Adorable!

I love the zebra and red together. I think you could do red heels. Wouldn't you just switch to red at the start of the flap? Don't we do the same kind of heels?