Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'm in Love!

I really love this hat. It's so cute! And it was so easy, yet looks complicated, at least to people like me. I started it Sunday night and finished it last night, except for the tassel.

It was good practice knitting two-handed, which I apparently haven't completely forgotten how to do. And yet easy two-handedness. I just love the way it looks! And Auden likes it too. She wore it for a long time before telling me her head was getting itchy. So I think she'll at least wear it to school and back. I want to make one of these for every child I know!

I'm going to try the matching mittens next, but I've never made mittens, so that might be more complicated.

Here's a picture that shows the whole thing a little better:

Pattern: Mushroom Cap from Homespun, Handknit
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool (100% merino superwash) colors 2 and 536. Slightly more than one skein of blue, less than one skein of the white.
Needles: Addi US6 circular, 16".
Modifications: The pattern called for size 4 needles, which I don't think I even realized. I was tighter than gauge even on the 6s, so if I did it again I'd probably go up a needle size. I made the ribbing slightly longer than the pattern called for.


kathy in Juneau said...

Now THERE'S a hat!! It's wonderful!! And it fits. And she likes it!

g-girl said...

it's beautiful! And like Kathy said, it fits and she likes it. That's all that matters. :) Oh and plus it looks so cute on her!

Windansea said...

very nice!! Lydia

Michelle said...

How sweet! Your daughter and the hat, of course.