Sunday, December 03, 2006

Socks for my Dad

Done! Never again, size 1 needles AND plain yarn AND miles of stockinette. However, I think they look pretty good. They are a little big on me – hence the lumpy toes in the picture – but I'm hoping my dad's feet are enough bigger (but not TOO much bigger) to make that work out.
I love the fabric size 1 needles make. And I even did the ribbing and heel in 0's. But damn! it takes forever ...

Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, color: Pewter (9ns). 2 skeins
Pattern: Thuja, from
Needles: US 0s and 1s dpn.
Modification: This pattern is written for heavier yarn, so I followed the directions in Sensational Socks for a 5-stitch pattern. Cast on 80 stitches. Went down a needle size for the ribbing and heel.
In Sensational Socks, Charlene Schurch recommends picking up extra stitches after knitting the heel flap to avoid holes. I believe she recommends one extra stitch, but I think I picked up like a bazillion. No holes! but it did make for some interesting math.


kathy in juneau said...

Oh, Hilary- they're wonderful!! Your father's going to be so impressed. Do you always go down a needle size for heels?

Mine has been languishing, but maybe this is the inspiration I need. They really look great!

g-girl said...

the socks look great!