Friday, February 09, 2007

Swatched and Ready to Go

So I think I am in the process of switching to Google Blogger, or whatever it's called. I say I think because I thought I had, and yet I just signed in on my old account. Among the complications I had making this switch was the fact that I could not remember my gmail address, let alone my password. Wouldn't you think I would have a record of it somewhere? I cannot find it. Hopefully my husband does.

Anyway, I switched because I am joining the Central Park Hoodie Knit-a-Long, which may or may not require a Google account. And because all the cool kids are doing it. However, since I know it will draw all my many many readers here with promises of new posts, I thought I'd better give you one.

The Central Park Hoodie, ready to go! And it only took three years of yarn acquisition from multiple yarn stores in multiple states (and multiple dye lots, but we won't mention that) and – most importantly – multiples of multiples of emails from MK Kathy figuring out the numbers. We are not blaming her if it doesn't fit. We would NEVER. :)

We are excited, because we have never made a sweater for ourself, precious! Oh wait. We thought we were channeling the Queen, because we just saw that movie, and now we seem to be channeling Gollum instead. Perhaps we need to end this post, and do us some laundry.

We hope we will have progress to report soon!

p.s. There are two different dye lots in this picture, but I am hoping you can't spot them.


kathy in juneau said...

I like your juxtaposition of the Queen and Gollum. You’ve got me LOL! And I can’t see two different dye lots. It’s going to be wonderful!!

What means MKKathy? Am I missing something?

Windansea said...

I always love the colors you choose for your projects - this is very beautiful and from here I can't tell you have two different dye lots! Lydia

Teal said...

Your CPH looks great and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one just beginning this project. First sweater for me as well. I'm in Fairport.