Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Reflected snow light may not be ideal for pictures. But it's all we're getting today, our fourth snow day in three weeks. It's not a blizzard, but it's been coming down steadily all night and morning, and we're supposed to get more than a foot. Already I couldn't figure out where to put the snow I was shoveling from the driveway; I have no idea how those poor people in northern New York are managing with 11 feet and more coming.

Anyway, the hoodie! I am up to the armholes. It is going faster than I expected – the pattern is easier (and, I have to admit, more boring) than I thought. There is the one row of cable twist every 10 rows, and all the rest are the same. But as a result it makes for excellent tv knitting.

Also it is appears it may be going to be a bit large! Well, I knew that might happen. It's currently at least 20" wide, and the swatch grew widthwise (and shrunk lengthwise) when I washed it ... I might wash the back before I start the front to make sure it is not going to reach disastrous proportions!

Off to an impromptu snow day/Valentine's Day party at the neighbor's ...

edited to add:

I meant to mention: this is only slightly more than one skein of Cascade 220. It is amazing how much you can knit with one skein, especially after you've been using itty bitty balls of Debbie Bliss. I'm very psyched about the shortage of ends to weave in!


Teal said...

Your CPH is looking great. My snow day with no work has all been spent knitting and I'm hoping to complete the back today. My concentration wonders also and twice I've forgotten the 4th cable. Fortunately I've only gone a couple of rows past before seeing my mistake. Stay warm!

kathy in juneau said...

Wow!! It's looking great! It's going so fast. Bravo! Before you join new yarn, think about doing a spit splice. I've been doing that with my yarn and it works like a charm. I was wondering if it would be as strong as a russian join (thinking ahead to an all wool lace project) and I tested some Cascade 220. It worked beautifully - and leaves no ends!!

Laura said...

Hi Hilary! Thanks for your comment on my Manos mittens! I should have mentioned that I used less than one skein. (Yay!) I had a pretty decent-sized little ball left over from that skein as well.

::going to edit post now::

Teal said...

Thanks for the words of support. Even with blocking I could see that the sweater was going to be tighter than this body should be wearing. I'm starting againg tonight.

Brown Berry said...

Looking great Hilary!
Thanks for stopping by my blog...your question made me really think about my next steps, which is good! I think I'm going to wash/block the pieces first and THEN seam them. All those curling edges will just make seaming more difficult. I also want to have the fronts blocked when I'm trying to attach that ribbing/button band.
Happy Knitting!