Thursday, July 05, 2007

Best. Teacher. Ever.

A little handspun prettiness to tide everyone over until my return, courtesy of my daughter's preschool teacher (who happens to have gone to high school with my husband, because it is a teeny tiny world.) This has been waiting patiently to be photographed, but now that I know she might actually be reading this blog, I figured I'd better post it. :)

She might not be thrilled that I did – an early effort, according to her, but since I've never spun anything in my life, totally impressive to me. SO soft. And beautiful muted colors – this photo doesn't do it justice. It's silk, wool and something else, and will make something lovely and warm, I just don't yet know what. It will be good fall knitting, maybe when I need something to comfort me after my baby disappears into the not-so-reassuring clutches of the city school district. :)

Seriously, she is an AMAZING teacher, in addition to being a spinner and knitter. If you know someone in Rochester looking for a great preschool, let me know.

I'm not yet sure if there will be any yarn stores on this trip. I tossed out the possibility of stopping at one in Ann Arbor and Will seemed amenable. He seems to have accepted the concept of a yarn store as an essential stop – like the gas station and Tim Horton's. (We're cutting through Canada.) There's also a great shoe store in Ann Arbor, though ... If I don't make it to a yarn store this week, I know there's one in Virginia Beach waiting for me at the end of the month.

Until next time! I'll bring chocolate-covered cherries for everyone. :)

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kathy in Juneau said...

Ah, SO lovely! What a gift.

I'm feeling so bad that we were in Canada and passed up a visit to Tim Hortons. Next time. Don't forget your passports or birth certificates.

Shoes and yarn. You have a wonderful husband!

Have a great trip!!