Sunday, July 15, 2007

Knittin' in the Car

You'll just have to imagine that there are cherry trees and Great Lakes and U.S.-Canadian borders (not to mention Niagara Falls and the giant SkyWheel!) out the window. I am not organized enough to knit AND take pictures en route.

My Monkey Socks kept me happily occupied most of the way from Rochester to Frankfort, Michigan, including one very slow border crossing. I didn't knit so much there, or on the way back, but they're coming along nicely. I ripped back the first one and am doing them both on 2s ... and I'm doing the full 6 repeats. I figure with the picot edge they will be shorter than the originals anyway. Hopefully I won't run out of yarn, or they'll have different color toes.

Speaking of yarn, I almost but didn't *quite* make it to the yarn store in Glen Arbor, home of the inimitable Cherry Republic. I know where it is for next time, though! I had already made a prophylactic stop at Knit A Round, a very nice yarn shop in Ann Arbor. It was just a few blocks away from our Red Roof Inn, so how could I not go? And then they had Koigu on sale, so how could I not buy some? :)

They also had Claudia's Handpainted sock yarn, which I got to to fondle for the first time in person (mmmm!) and lots of Bearfoot Mountain Colors (Mountain Colors Bearfoot?), also very lovely. But I was in a hurry, so the Koigu had to do.

A few Michigan cherry-picking pictures to prove I wasn't just knitting in the driveway:


kathy in Juneau said...

Welcome home!!
Your socks look great! I'm wishing I had done a 5th repeat, but the first one is done and I'm not ripping it out. The second one is on the needles but is languishing a bit. Just got my ball winder back and now I have malabrigo lace on the brain.

So what projects are you bringing to VB??

kathy in Juneau said...

ps Yummy Koigu and nice looking cherries too!! (And of course, the handsome cherry picker!!)

Teal said...

Glad you had a good trip. Your socks look great. Love the way the varigation is working in that pattern.
Yum, cherries!

rahime said...

Ooh, I think Claudia's is my favorite! And Bearfoot is really, really warm. Have fun in Michigan!

littlepeepsmom said...

Great monkey socks! I have a skein of Fire on the Mountain but never pictured the colors coming out so beautiful. Love them. I think I have to add another project to the list.