Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The New Red

Pattern: Farrow Rib Scarf, from the Little Box of Scarves
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky, 2 skeins
Needles: 10.5
Made for the Red Scarf Project.

This was a fun, satisfying knit. Nice to use big, wooden needles for a change, not to mention soft super-squishy yarn. (I love this yarn! I wish I'd bought more when it was on sale. The kids loved it too, and immediately demanded their own scarves in the same pattern and color. I reminded Eli that he has a Harry Potter scarf and doesn't need another one, but I may make one for Auden.)

This is my first charity knitting. I'm so slow that usually I think they'd rather have my money, and I'd rather have my time. But this project, and the associated fund, really spoke to me. I think it is distinctly possible they are going to be overrun with scarves again this year, so I am making just one, to satisfy my romantic impulses – and then I made a donation and bought a gift card to send with it.

The big news around here is that Auden started kindergarten, enthusiastically and apparently without reservations. Her mother has a few reservations, but has kept them to herself, and largely they have been banished by Auden's overwhelmingly positive attitude.

Here they are on the first day of school:

And here's Auden in class on her first day:


kathy in juneau said...

Awww .. great post!

I have the same exact feelings about charity knitting, and have felt the "Red Scarf" pull. But since reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns," I think I'm going to make a push to get something in the mail for Afghans to Afghans.

So, it doesn't need to be red??

Teal said...

Love the back to school pictures. There's something very soothing about knitting with DB Cashmerino and I envy the lucky college student who receives your soft warm scarf.

Stell said...

Auden looks so ready and happy to be in kindy, my wee poppy has been in school a whole term now, and she too was ready. I'm not to clear on the american school/preschool system, here in nz kids go to kindy at age 3 for a few afternoons, and whole mornings at age 4 then primary school from age 5.

Windyridge said...

That tie dyed dress is super!