Saturday, September 29, 2007

Slow Start

That title could refer to this post, which has been sitting in limbo for some time, but I really mean my Jo Sharp Bridget sweater. I got this far:

(Notice this is not the yarn I bought for this sweater in my last post -- the DAY after I bought that, someone was destashing the EXACT yarn called for in the pattern on Knitter's Review ... and I couldn't resist. It's Silkroad Aran in Beach, which is less white in person than in pictures, but very beautiful. I have gotten as far as swatching. (The pattern calls for using US 8s but I got gauge on 7s, which is the first time I have ever had to go down a needle size, but perhaps I have suddenly become relaxed knitter. And person. HA!)

Anyway I haven't gotten my act together to actually START the sweater yet, and I've been distracted by constantly thinking I'm almost done with my Cozy shawl, and yet not being. And by trying to figure out which scarf pattern to knit for my brother-in-law for Hannukah ... right now it is a tie between A Scarf Askew and the Red Herring Scarf, but I would prefer something reversible. And by obsessing over all the things that are not perfect about my daughter's kindergarten experience, and and and ...

I would also like to start a sock, so that I have something to carry around with me. I went up to look at this Koigu to see if I wanted to sell it, and instead decided I like the colors, they are cheerful and amusing. But I have no idea what it will look like knitted up, and I don't know what pattern to use. These are the criteria:

1) It must not pool! and 2) I don't want something "fancy" like the Monkey Socks. I want something more like a "plain sock" but I think not entirely plain. Maybe just ribbing. Do you have any suggestions? I haven't knitted Koigu socks before, actually, so I don't know how it will behave.

The other thing that is distracting me, in a good way so far, is the Cubs! Apparently there is a Lorna's Laces colorway "Cubby Bear" but I can't find a picture of it to post in honor of the Cubs winning their division and heading to the playoffs. Go Cubs! I think we're due.


kathy in juneau said...

SO much obsessing, so little time ...

Love the swatch. LOVE the Red Herring Scarf. Love the Koigu. The only Koigu socks I've made are the Monkey Socks. It was lovely to work with.

What's not perfect about Auden's kindergarten experience?

Teal said...

Love the colors in the Koigu. What about Charade? Not sure if this link will work but the pattern is also on Ravelry.
Your sweater looks beautiful already and I'm sure your brother-in-law will like whichever scarf you choose.

Stell said...

don't obsess, she will live for over 70 years, and most/many will be perfect. My 5yo had a tooth knocked out at art class yesterday, i was there, not 3 feet away and didn't even see what happened! she knows we love her, she will be fine, she is over it more than I am!
I would love to play with Koigu, what about lace - breaks it up a bit, pomatomus?