Saturday, June 17, 2006

4th Time Not So Charming!

Will I ever get past the first few inches of this sweater? So here is where I am now: I started once on 8s. Once on 9s. Once on 10.5s. Ripped it all out and did gauge swatches on 9s and 10s, purchased for the occasion. The 10s was slightly too big; the 9s slightly too small. I decided to go with the 9s and the larger size pattern. (Of course I did not go so far as to wash and block my swatches. Let's get real. I hardly do that with my finished products.)
Then I started knitting on the 9s. And the gauge is considerably smaller (it's supposed to be 18sts/4in. On the swatch I got 19, now I am getting closer to 20, or more) This is probably because – as many wise people have warned – I am knitting in the round and my swatch was flat. Sigh.

I probably I need to do what the pattern suggested in the first place, and knit the sleeves in place of a test swatch. On 10s, I guess, since in addition to the gauge issue, I am not loving the fabric I am creating.

The other variable is that I didn't like the way the ribbing looked the first three times I started the sweater. I could have just made it shorter, but instead I decided to try a moss stitch border. I think I like the way that looks, but am I going to wish I had ribbing? And do I need ribbing for the sleeves, or should they match?

About the only thing I really like so far is the way the blue yarn looks that I put in to mark the row where the pocket goes! Oh where is my Alaskan advisor when I need her!!!! :)

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kathy in juneau said...

Alaskan Advisor checking in - we got back late last night so I might not be the best advisor in my sleep-deprived, over-stimulated 'cause I finally have internet access again state.

I love the seed stitch border, and of course the fabric looks great from here - not much help there.

I'm still regretting that I didn't buy any Koigu when we went to that store in Virginia Beach. Were they nice to deal with?