Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sleevy Goodness

Knitting away on the sleeve and guess what – ha ha – I'm not getting gauge on them either. Could DPNs and circulars be significantly different? Probably, but I don't wanna deal with this. So what do you do when 9 is too small and 10 is too big? There is no 9.5, right? Probably I'll go back to the 9s on the assumption that it is still spreading out from the border, and that I will be OK since I am knitting the very large size. Then I will be wrong, and Talia will get another sweater.

Grrr. I am enjoying my bamboo DPNs, though. I bought metal size 8s without thinking and I hate the way they clink around together while I'm knitting. Of course I don't HAVE 9s ... guess I'll need to make another trip to the yarn store ...

I'm afraid I'm going to get sick of this yarn before I even get started!

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kathy in juneau said...

On the bright side, I love the seed stitch at the cuff, do you?

And a lovely photo too!