Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mysteriously ...

more yarn has been purchased. What's going on around here!!??? Not only hasn't progress been made on the Wallaby (unless you count the startling advent of gauge swatches) which I finally frogged, after it became clear that it was going to be ginormous on the 10.5s, nor Will's socks been completed, but new yarn has somehow found its way into the stash.

But it has a purpose! And a reason! It's practically a necessity, even. It's for the Mushroom Cap and Mittens in Home Spun, Hand Knit,a very simple two-color pattern that I'm not even sure qualifies as Fairisle. And the teacher at the Fair Isle workshop said we had to practice! So I had to buy it. I was thinking of purple, so as not to be a slavish follower of the pattern, but I really liked this blue.

Oh, and I *cough* may have bought some other yarn too. I looked at my Cascade 220 that I bought last summer and decided I DO love it but that I don't want to make a child's garment out of something I can't machine wash. So I called the store in Virginia Beach and they still had some of the same dye lot and ... I ordered two more skeins. So now I will have 1500 yards, enough (I hope!) to make a sweater for me.

Those don't really count as "purchases" do they? Special circumstances, I think.

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kathy in juneau said...

"Special Circumstances" I like that.

So I read both new posts and then commented on the wrong one about the VB store. I hope nobody is keeping track.
Anyway how fortuitous that they still have the same dye lot?? That must be an omen.

I love the hat and mittens yarn. Who's that going to be for???

As for me, I showed what is probably too much restraint, but I did get some yarn and it will be featured shortly at my place ...

I've missed you!