Thursday, July 20, 2006


Dear Kathy,
Oh wait. That's not my format. Maybe it should be, though. There was a discussion on Knitter's Review about who people were blogging for, and different people had different answers. You're my entire loyal, supportive readership. I don't want to make you self-conscious, so I'll probably go back to my regularly scheduled format. But this way I can sneak in pictures of ...

the kids!!!!

Of course the pictures are better over at what's-his-name's-site. But where else can I publish mine? :)

They who made it all possible.

and some knitting, too!

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kathy in juneau said...

Gosh, Hilary, I'm so flattered. And, honest to god, I was thinking today about how much fun it would be to blog like the Mason-Dixon knitters. Sort of an East Coast-West Coast thing - Manifest Destiny

Your photos look great! Where do I go to order a copy of your handsome husband and the middle-aged woman in red??