Friday, July 28, 2006

Sock Business

Behold, the latest sock. It took me a long time to get this sock going. First there was the fiasco with cotton yarn, which I will get back to one of these days, just not now. Then it took me three tries to get a pattern that worked. First I tried Open Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks, but the lace got lost and it just looked messy. Plus, required too much concentration. Then, slipped-stitch rib from the same book. I like that pattern A LOT, and it is very nice and three-dimensional. But while the slipped stitches are supposed to be good for preventing hand-painted sock yarn for pooling, I thought they were just muddying up this (presumably machine-painted) colorway. (Which I love, by the way! Isn't it pretty? And I have enough for two pairs of socks.) So finally I settled on the Twin Rib, still from the same book. There was a lot of ripping, but all the patterns were from the six-stitch pattern section, so I didn't have to start completely over. The Twin Rib is very straightforward, very good for doing while watching tv.

The Wallaby is also progressing nicely, although I'm not sure I like it anymore. There is something ... clunky .... about it in general, and some specifics I don't love. * I think I need to keep going, though. I like the yarn and the knitting.

In other news, how about that Elizabeth and Anthony??!!! I was all excited and hopeful for them yesterday, but today reality set in. I'm not sure that's going to work out. Not now, anyway.


kathy in juneau said...

I LOVE the sock!! The pattern, the yarn, the whole thing! And what is it with cotton sock yarn? I haven't ripped mine off the needles yet, but I'm about to admit that they're just not gonna get knit. I need to start another pair, but I still can't decided what ones I want to do.

Ah, Elizabeth and Anthony .. I think she's just toying with us.

Mari said...

The bright colors are beautiful and the ribbing pattern is showing up well in them!

The calla lilly socks on my blog are from the Petals Collection by Sundara Yarns, there is a link on my right side bar. The sock club is closed for the year, but if you email Sundara you can get on the waiting list for next year.