Friday, March 02, 2007

Embossed Leaf #1

I know I should probably wait until I have a PAIR of socks to show this, but who knows when I will get to the other one. And I love this one so much! I love the yarn – love love LOVE it and its tiny gorgeous shimmery variations – and I love the practically perfect pattern. The star toe is very very comfortable. I'd still like to make the cast on a little stretchier on the second one – should I just go up another needle size?

Pattern: Embossed Leaves Socks, IK Winter 2005
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Nearly Solid, Blackberry. Less than 1 skein per sock.
Needles: Susan Bates #2 dpns (#3 for the cast on and first two rows)
Modifications: I didn't do the called for cast on, because I couldn't figure it out. I was also disturbed to read here (scroll down to the March 10 post) that it isn't the cast on actually used by the sock designer. And I kitchenered the toe, because just pulling the stitches together, drawstring-style, as the pattern called for, just seemed wrong.


Glo said...

Just ran into your blog......and all I can say is at least you have one sock. If anyone ever depended on me to knit them socks or any thing else,they would be bare foot forever. I admire you for be able to knit.

kathy in juneau said...

Ooh, Hilary- it's a beauty!! I read the cast on saga. Hmmm .. you could try experimenting with other methods, or you could just go up a needle size. Helpful, aren't I??

g-girl said...

wow. that is the prettiest sock I've seen in a while! :) great job!

g-girl said...

oh, you needn't be impressed with the amount of fo's I've got--a lot of them are simple little dishcloths! oh, you will definitely have to make the fake isle hat. it's such a great pattern! :)

Teal said...

I'm in awe of your socks. I love the pattern and the color.
My CPH buttons were purchased from Patternworks ( but I later saw some very similar ones in the Webster Joann Fabrics where they have a much larger button selection than I expected.

Kim said...

Hilary, they're gorgeous! I may dig that issue out and give them a try myself after seeing your's.

Kim said...

I'm having a lot of fun doing the sweater, thanks for the comments. I haven't used the Cascade Superwash before but it's very soft, even before washing.

The model that Susan has at the shop ( has been washed and it's very soft, yet it seems to be holding it's shape quite well. It's hanging up and hasn't stretched out of shape. It's a little fuzzy from having been worn and washed but that just makes it softer.

Windansea said...

I love Embossed Leaves, and the yarn you used is so beautiful in the pattern. Wonderful! Lydia

Yasmin said...

Oh my your socks are adorable. Love the color!