Sunday, August 19, 2007


Anniversary Socks from Favorite socks, for my Mom. A somewhat fussy pattern that I've already had to rip back to the ribbing once because I'd lost a stitch somewhere. Slightly splitty yarn (Brown Sheep Wildfoote).

But once I'd ripped back, it was smooth sailing back to the end of the first 12-row repeat. Pause to admire my work. Of course it was then that I noticed the cables were all bunched together on the leg pattern (hard to see in this bad picture, but the cables at the top by the needles are much closer together than those in the ribbing, at the bottom of the picture) – and only then that I thought to check the errata. And there is one, of course: there are two extra cables that aren't supposed to be there. Grrrr.

I could leave them, but I'd have to add even more cables into the pattern if I wanted it to match, and the cables are (for me) the fussiest part, especially with this yarn and these needles. (Susan Bates – are KnitPicks sock needles pointier?) Or I guess I could switch to the correct pattern now and just leave this as a memento. I don't know.

At least if I rip it out I'll get a chance to try it on. But I'm also wondering if I should switch to a nicer yarn for my mother. Sigh.

Anyone have any thoughts on Regia Silk vs. Lorna's Laces? Or this ...


kathy in juneau said...

Aw .. my condolences. They look pretty anyway. A good reminder to check for errata before starting a new project. I'm not sure I always remember to do that.

I think KnitPicks are reputed to be pretty pointy, but I haven't tried them. I'm using my KnitPicks options now with the Malabrigo lace, and nice as they are, I wish I had a whole set of Addi Lace needles at my disposal.

I better get a job. :)

rahime said...

Knitpicks are pointier. I feel like the circs are pointier than the dpns (visual inspection seems to confirm that!). And, wow - handknit socks in white? You are brave!

Teal said...

The socks are beautiful but how frustrating to learn the pattern has errors. I have the same book and had no idea so many of the patterns have errata.
Recently made a pair of socks from Regia Silk and I can recommend it but cannot compare with Lorna's Laces since I've not knit with that yarn yet.