Wednesday, August 01, 2007


So I got my Ravelry invite yesterday (think of all the time I will save not obsessively checking the waitlist anymore!)

I have to say, my first reaction is that Ravelry meets all the needs I got a blog for in the first place -- a place to keep track of my projects, stash, project ideas etc. -- and much better than I can do.

But I've become attached to my blog and my many several loyal readers ... I still wish it were more conversational (LiveJournal-ish, but I can't see making a switch now. (Does anyone know if any of the other blog sites offer a feature where you can answer posts right at the blog and the responses get emailed to the posters?)

I also sometimes wish I used this blog/had another blog to work out things I'm thinking about other subjects -- city schools and public education, my parents getting old, books I'm (not) reading. Some people weave that in seamlessly with their knitting, but I'm always so tired and rushed by the time I'm posting that it's all I can do to get out my knitting updates.

Anyway, I'm Hilary at Ravelry ... I haven't figured out how interacting with other people works yet. But I am sure that I will be able to use up all my stash now that I can see how everyone else is using their yarn. Ha ha ha ha.

Here is a horrible picture of my baby sweater in progress. (Progress has stalled somewhat since getting home from vacation, what with the piles of un-put-away JUNK staring accusingly at me. Not to mention our 12-week free trial of the daily New York Times hanging over my head each day!) The picture of course does not capture the best part of the sweater, which is the incredible softness of the Blue Sky Organic Cotton. I am wondering, though, after seeing pretty blue buttons in Virgina Beach, and Kathy's beautiful blue and green baby sweater, if the border should be blue, not white. Could I dye the white Organic Cotton? with Kool-Ade? I have some time to think about it, so flood me with your opinions! :)


kathy in juneau said...

Wow!! You got your Ravelry invite! Is it going to suck all of the time out of the universe? (That's only one of my fears.) Seems like you moved up the list pretty quickly, no?

Can't answer all of your questions here (hypothetical and otherwise), but as for the sweater, I really love the natural white with that soft, soft green. I'm not sure I'd go darker. But I don't think that has to keep you from adding brighter buttons. Also, I'm not sure about Kool-aid dyeing and cotton, though there are certainly other dyes you could use for cotton(sort of defeats the organic cotton, however).

Yikes - so much to think about.

Stell said...

I knew I should have knit Monkey, those are good looking socks,