Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wallaby Update

The Wallaby is zooming right along. And despite my fears that it was HUGE, when I tried it on Auden just now, it looked good. Yay! (She's pretending to be a puppy on a leash here.:) I am using seed stitch for the placket too, and am happy with the way that looks. I'm happy with the way the arms look, and the color, and everything else. I have just made one, major mistake. Can you see it? It bothers me, AND I think I can't bear to rip back that far.

I had two dye lots of yarn. But I think I had plenty of the main dye lot to finish (at least) the body of the sweater, possibly the whole thing. But when I joined the sleeves to the body, I switched dye lots by mistake. I was either confused, or completely careless. The result, I realize now, is fairly obvious. At least to me. But the switch was way back, before ALL the decreasing for the shoulders and the placket. I just don't think I can stand going back that far.

It does bother me, which I know is supposed to be the deciding factor. But I'm just that lazy that I think I would rather live with it bothering me than rip it out. Will the difference fade with time and washing? I'm not sure other people will notice it if I don't point it out. You can't see it as well in that picture as in this picture (especially if you look at it big):

Anyway, I will notice. Sigh. I like the sweater, though. And I have another important decision to make immediately: there is supposed to be 1" of 1x1 ribbing before the hood. Should I do that in ribbing, as opposed to seed stitch? I am thinking the ribbing might be structurally useful, and since I can't really even see it in pictures of other people's Wallabies, having it in ribbing v. seed stitch might not matter that much, aesthetically. (On the other hand, I'm the person who didn't even notice she was making a two-tone sweater, so what do I know.)

Oh, there is another mistake that doesn't show in these pictures, the place where I joined a new ball of yarn and picked up an extra stitch by mistake, then decided many rows later to drop the stitch all the way back down. I spread out the rows as best I could, but it still looks loose and wobbly around there. I am counting on being able to fix that more with blocking, though. I am a sloppy knitter at heart, apparently.

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kathy in juneau said...

Hate to say it, Hil, but with Auden as the wearer no one is even going to notice the sweater .. she is so damn CUTE!!

It looks fantastic!! And from here, the dye lot differences don't really show up. I'm sure it's a different story where you are. I'm thinking with wear and washing maybe the color thing will even out. I don't think I'd have the heart to rip it out either.

As for the 1" ribbing before the hood, I think maybe you should stick with the ribbing. Probably cinches it in a bit before the hood, no? I don't think it'll matter that you did seed stitch in the other places.