Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's My Birthday

and I'll Cry If I Want To ... my Options needles haven't arrived. Not that I was really expecting them to be here by now, but it would be fun if they were. Also, the longer I go without them of course the clearer it is that I could manage on straight needles (these are Susan Bates from my mother's long ago foray into knitting) ... but the pattern calls for circulars! I have to do what it says, right? :) It will be nice to have this shawl spread out on circulars instead of jammed together as it is now. And I'm sure I will find many more uses for my new needles.

My birthday was very low-key but pleasant. I took Eli out to buy an expensive new bike and a new mitt. Auden gave me a very sweet little pin she made at pre-school, and Will brought me flowers and chocolate cake. Yum. My lovely sisters-in-law gave me a cover-up and sandals for our beach vacation this summer we were treated to delicious gourmet leftovers for dinner by No. 1 (chronologically – I could NEVER rank my sisters-in-law!) Sister-in-Law.

And now, having done almost nothing all day, I am too tired to do anything but sit and knit. And it's my birthday, so I'm gonna.

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Numero Uno said...

C'mon, you know I'm #1.

Glad you had a Happy Day! The shawl is looking great. It's growing so fast. You'll be so happy to have your knitpicks options. I love mine. Of course, when I got here I went out and bought an Addi Turbo LACE needle - US size 3 - because I wasn't willing to wait for an order from KP to get here.