Thursday, May 03, 2007

Two Socks Make a Pair

Finished, just in time for warm weather. Apparently a spring tradition on my part. :) I still love love love them. They're beautiful and the yarn is beautiful. I made the cast-on looser this time (I think I went up TWO needle sizes, though I learned from Sally Melville that that doesn't make any difference with the long-tail cast-on; it's all about how tight you pull the yarn.) It may have helped to do the first two rows on a much larger needle, but apparently I neglected to write down exactly what I did. That was short-sighted, since I definitely would make these socks again. Oh well.

My only significant modification, other than not doing the complicated cast-on that I couldn't figure out, was not breaking the yarn when I got to the heel. I can't figure out what the difference would have been if I had done that (I'm sure there's a clever reason -- I just don't know what it is) -- they seem fine this way.

Now I am desperately in need of a new project ... or maybe I should get back to work on the Striped Sweater. *Sigh*


kathy in juneau said...

Ooh, they are gorgeous!! Come visit us and you'll be happy to have a new pair of wool socks.

So what's up next??

Teal said...

Your socks are beautiful and in Rochester you might need them any moment. I too am looking forward to seeing your next project. Will it be the baby gift?