Monday, May 14, 2007

They're heeeeeeeeeeeere ...

What thoughtful parents I have. How did they know I wanted the Options needles? And a sock book too. It's like they read my mind. And they even threw in a ball of KnitPicks Shine for me to try. It's really too much! Except for the skein of Socks That Rock that might *cough* just maybe also be on its way here. Thank you thank you, parents.

In closing, a gratuitous princess shot. I wasn't the only one who enjoyed my birthday. (Or the cake.)


kathy temporarily in CA said...

Happy Day After Your Birthday!! I felt a twang of jealousy and I already have the KP Options .. I must *need* to go to a yarn store tomorrow.

The princess picture made my day!

Rebecca said...

Happy belated birthday! What thoughtful parents you DO I perceiving a little 'wish list' transaction here?