Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Next Big Thing

My new project: a Cozy shawl for my Great-Aunt Fran in Cascade 220 Superwash.

Fran has always been one of the most vibrant and caring people I know. She and my Great-Uncle Matt, who died not long before Will and I married, hold a very special place in the hearts of everyone in their extended clan. Fran, who I believe is 90-something, remains lovely and engaged and has given me (and my children) many many thoughtful gifts over the almost 43 years we have been on this planet together. It's about time I returned the favor!

I probably should not have been surprised (but I was) that the Superwash gauge changed not one bit when washed*, unlike its non-Superwash sibling, the regular Cascade 220. Maybe that's why they call it Superwash. *lightbulb*

It's very soft and I think it will make a nice warm wrap. Of course, it is summer and Fran lives in California ... but air-conditioning can be chilly and wool just seemed like the way to go.

When I bought the wool Monday I was pleased that for once I did not need to purchase new needles for a project. But as soon as I started knitting last night I realized that the regular Addis were not going to work – way too dull – and that I was close to insane using them for just four rows. So I ordered not just new needles but the whole Options set from Knitpicks. (Because that will save me money in the long run, right?) It was a BIRTHDAY present. My parents sent me BIRTHDAY money, and I didn't even spend half of it, even if a sock book did sneak itself into my shopping cart. And I've been eyeing interchangeable needles for a while. Now I just want them to get here!

*Yes, I washed my gauge swatch, for the third project in a row! It's the new me.

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kathyinjuneau said...

Hooray, a new project! I love it. Love the pattern, love the color, love that you had to order new needles!

I've been obsessing over what needles to use for my shawl. I think I want to use 3s and of course the KP Options set doesn't go down that low. I have some Susan Bates that are pretty sharp, may try to find some Addi turbo lace needles locally. Should've just ordered them from KP but I didn't think I'd be here that long ...

You're not going to worry about switching needles mid-stream, are you?

I have some b-day money too (from Nick's parents) I'm thinking knitting books ...